The Grapes


Wine grapes are found throughout the world, grown and developed with utmost care from ancient times to the present time, most famously on measurable plots of land in France and northern California.  The soil, the climate, the sunlight of the seasons, and the moisture of the vineyards play a significant part in the production of wine.  Some grapes are blended into famous wine.  Some famous wine are like people, headstrong and difficult, or thin skin,  or flexible, or easy to blend with others.  Some grapes naturally produce more alcohol and tannins than others.  And, still others are high in acidity and more aromatic than other grapes, which may be grown on the adjoining hills.  The variety of wine grapes are in the hundreds or more, and consequently, there is a multitude of flavor of wines.  Wine grapes are versatile, each wine grape can be produced to be dry or sweet, and the flavor may depend on oak aging.  Wine grapes, although small in size, yet extraordinary and luxurious as select wines.  From ancient monasteries to modern vineyards.

18 x 14″ (45.722 x 35.66 cm)

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Aluminum, Canvas, Watercolor Paper

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The Grapes