The Rain in Taos


Taos, New Mexico is a vast mesa, with rolling brush, dry, shades of brown, and wind-swept silent land inhabited by Native Americans, surviving in their unique culture, religion, and social practices and tribal hospitality.  When the thunderous rain storms approach from the North, the precious water nourishes the parched mesa and an abundance of all that is good and joyful flourishes.  The Ancients survived in all the challenges of the land, the weather, the lack of water, which sustains all beings, because Patience and Gratitude were an integral part of their lives and the core of their values.  Brotherhood, Sharing, and the Community sustained them and were and continue to be the song and dance of their Endurance.

20 x 30″ (50.8 x 76.2 cm)

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Aluminum, Canvas Print, Watercolor Paper

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The Rain in Taos