On the Way


To travel anywhere is a pleasure, or a learning experience,  or one of the places on your bucket list.  The destination of your travel may not necessarily be the high point of your travel.  The journey may be the experience of sight-seeing, making new friends, visiting famous and historic places, try new cuisine, of learning new culture, and confronting unplanned incidents.  You may pass through cities of ancient civilizations, of villages and hamlets unmarked on maps, of meeting kind and hospitable inhabitants.  These encounters leave an indelible mark on your memory for years.  To be on the way somewhere is the poetry of travel.  The song of the road are the voices of people you meet along the way.  The treasured rememberance.

20 x 24″ (50.8 x 60.96 cm)

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Aluminum, Canvas Print, Watercolor Paper

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Hawaii, US Mainland

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On the Way